Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fake-Mustache Etiquette

I borrowed this fake mustache and beard for the Shakespeare character in "Nine Sisters."  The actor wore it twice, for 3 hours each time.  As I was returning it to my Costume Fairy Godmother, I wondered if I should have bought a replacement set.  It seemed somewhat disgusting to wear facial hair worn by someone else. 

I had bought a package of double-sided tape, cut into strips, specifically made for attaching this faux-cial hair, erm, faux facial hair, and I did give that to the Costume Fairy Godmother.  She said she would clean it, but I got distracted and forgot to ask how and with what.  Rubbing alcohol?

Most of the actors I know are women and have never had to deal with mustaches, so they didn't know.  

I should also mention that I asked how to affix the hair.  That and my research gave me two answers:
1) eyelash glue.  Apparently that isn't good for such a large surface
2) spirit gum.  I'd read online that spirit gum was EVIL.  Hard to remove.  Smelly.

So I was glad the store I went to, Olympia Beauty Supply in Seaside, California, had the double-sided tape!

The actor said the facial hair was very uncomfortable, but I think he really liked it.  Hahaha!

One last thing.  The facial hair cost $30, as I recall.  Oh, rats!  Was it $40?  I don't remember because, again, I borrowed it.  The package of tape was $8.

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