Saturday, August 16, 2014

Buying Marbles

There are no marbles to be had in Monterey.  Not at Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Michael's.  Granted, I didn't venture into the independent toy stores, figuring I wouldn't want to spend what they were asking, assuming they were even asking.  I wanted some inexpensive ones for practice during auditions.  To see how many I would want.  

As it turned out, most of the actors I wanted to audition flaked out, so I cancelled aforementioned auditions.  I'm going to use actors I know and trust and who will have fun on this project.

Finding yellow marbles wasn't as simple as I had imagined, either.  Google "yellow marbles" and you get marbles with yellow in them, but not necessarily solid yellow ones, and they might be vintage marbles that cost more than I want to spend.

I've ordered a few individual marbles from Marbles Marbles! and several bags from MegaGlass.  In both cases shipping is (a good deal) more than the cost of the actual products.

And, because I can, I'm including this link to absolutely gorgeous images of marbles, nay, glass art by PyreXions.

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